Vegan Ice Cream by the Harbour

Coping with the hot weather for me means cultivating three habits of happy healthfulness. 1. Make sure I take my inhaler. Nothing says summer like shoving steroids into my lungs to keep them working despite the extra pollen and air pollution. 2. Complaining. Every year until the day I die I will be surprised and offended that it gets hot in summer. I’m English. It’s what we do. 3. Eat ice cream.

Ignore the cow cup… its all vegan inside

Roly’s Fudge Torquay, down by the harbour, may not seem vegan friendly at first glance but they have started to stock Swedish Glace for anyone looking for a dairy-free fix. The staff are also happy to talk you through your cone options and will even let you giggle excitedly and take pictures. Unfortunately they are only open for the season, but if you go in late spring or summer you can pick from raspberry, chocolate or vanilla. Yay.


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