Plymouth Vegan Fair and The Hidden Olive

Update, May 2018: Since writing this review the Hidden Olive has unfortunately closed.

This Saturday was Plymouth Vegan fair. As that’s only two trains away we thought why not and set off bright and early. Really early in fact. We wanted to get a little shopping in before heading to the Guildhall for the opening at eleven but trains being what they are around here that got us into Plymouth at 9:30.

Pancakes Anyone?

Kate suggested breakfast and I spent the train journey Googling our vegan breakfast options. “There’s this place called The Hidden Olive” I said. “I hate it when I find olives hidden in my food” she replied. “Darling, I don’t think it’s a theme place.” It wasn’t a bizarre olive-themed cafe. Instead it was bright, welcoming, modern cafe that has two tempting vegan options. We went for the coconut pancakes. So should you if you find yourself in Plymouth around breakfast time. Don’t be put off by the lack of plates.

Why take a picture of the Mayflower Steps when all you want to see is this?

We took a little history break (“Look! Pilgrims!”) and got to the fair just a little past opening. It was £3 entry on the door and not that busy inside. Possibly those two facts are related or possibly other people don’t feel the need to arrive just as soon as a thing opens.

Insert joke about me being a tart here

Our first stop was Lettuces for even more of that delicious smokey bacon flavoured cheese. Then we seemed to gravitate towards the chocolate. There was raw chocolate, vegan versions of old favourites and chocolate brownies. We only brought home Solkiki chocolate though. We loved that you could taste the cacao.


Then we grabbed some baked goods. Kate had a treacle tart by Jack Bakes while I ate patties. We bought cheese stuffed sourdough from The Vegways. Then we were done really. There wasn’t much hanging out and chatting. There was one more thing to try though. Lunch. We decided on the Sicily To Seattle stand. They had a vegan corn dog and really how could we not?