Review: The Copper Spoon in Marazion

Last week Clare and I (along with Clare’s dad and his dog Watson) hopped over the border from Devon to Cornwall for a winter holiday. Looking for places to eat that were both vegan- and dog-friendly, we uncovered a few gems.

The Copper Spoon is a vegetarian café located a couple of minutes’ walk from the beach in Marazion (pronounced two letters at a time: ma-ra-zi-on), the town at the end of the causeway to St Michael’s Mount. Storm Eleanor brought 110 kilometre-an-hour winds to south-west Cornwall during our stay, and the Copper Spoon’s friendly atmosphere (and hot drinks) were very welcome after invigorating walks along the beach.

The Copper Spoon

The café offers several vegan lunches — including filled ciabattas, salad, and the soup-of-the-day — but Clare and I were more interested in the sweet options. The contents of the cake cabinet vary from day to day, and we enjoyed vanilla bean cupcakes topped with dark chocolate buttons. What really excited us, however, was the hot chocolate. While many cafés now offer vegan hot chocolate (with the best using oat milk), the Copper Spoon has an entire hot chocolate menu.

Hot Chocolate Menu

Each hot chocolate can be made with vegan whipped cream and vegan marshmallows, and over the course of three visits we sampled the entire menu. The tasted as good as they looked.

Honeycomb hot chocolate

The café also sells a selection of products ranging from the expected — reusable coffee cups, Cornish tea, and jams — to the more unusual: we picked up a bottle of basil-infused olive oil.

If you’re visiting the area (or are lucky enough to live in the far south-west of Cornwall), be sure to pop in. We’ll certainly be coming back on a future holiday.

Visiting Visto Lounge

Visto Lounge – part of the Lounges chain – has been a staple of vegan eating in Torquay since it first opened. There is a full vegan menu available including brunch, tapas, larger dishes and some deserts, though I’m told the chocolate torte is often sold out. Why has it taken so long for me to try it for the blog then? Well mostly because the menu doesn’t appeal to the other half. Most of the vegan options involve sweet potato, falafel, avocado and/or black beans in different combinations. Which gives you a good selection of options unless you don’t like any of those things.

So I went alone. The location is one of the best in town, with a view of Torre Abbey sands available from the huge windows or the outside seating. It’s also dog friendly, perfect for when my Dad comes to visit with his Doggo. The decor inside combines industrial elements with well worn, mismatched Cafe furniture. It looks great but the high ceilings make it super loud. Fun, but not a great place for an in depth chat or a romantic dinner.

I ordered the Sweet Potato Falafel Burger (two out of the four!) which came with vegan slaw and fries. The fries came in a mug even though there were clearly more fries than space in the mug. Just put it on the plate guys. That’s not my only complaint about the chips. I found them incredibly greasy, and left feeling a little queasy. The rest of the food was great. Which made the chips even more disappointing. The burger was just right. The sweet potato falafel patty tasted great especially with the added crunch from the gherkin and lettuce. The beetroot hummus pulls everything together. It’s probably one of the best burgers in town.

I’m definitely going to go back to Visto Lounge but with realistic expectations. The menu isn’t as diverse as it looks and the quality of the food is hit and miss. What will keep me going back though is the location, and the place being dog friendly.

Sampling Linda McCartney’s Christmas Offering: Vegetarian Beef Roast With Red Wine & Shallot Glaze

Christmas is coming and the pestering has started. We’re asked almost ever other day what we’ll be having for Christmas dinner. We’re going to my in-laws this year. That means spuds and vegetables are taken care of and we just need to provide a meat substitute. So it’s time to get sampling.

This week we’ve tried the Vegetarian Beef Roast that’s new to the Linda McCartney range this year. It comes in it’s own roasting thin so it can easily slide in the already full Christmas Oven. When it’s done you turn it out and out plops your beefy roast, glazed and ready to be carved. I was pleased to be able to get the slices nice and thin, like roast beef.


So what of the taste? Fairly beefy, though it still has a beady texture. If you looked at the picture and think it looks like a loaf shaped version of the sausages then you would be right. I wasn’t a fan of the glaze, I found the red wine overwhelming, but you can’t really taste it unless you are nibbling along the bottom edge.

Roast Dinner

It’s edible, and it’s not unpleasant but it didn’t exactly blow me away. Perhaps it’s because I wasn’t the worlds greatest fan of beef in the first place. I wouldn’t mind eating this again and unlike a lot of the other Christmas roast options it’s easy to find in regular supermarkets but it’s not going to win a spot on out Christmas plate.

Meals For The Young: Vegan Mofo Day 27

To make a meal for the young I thought about what I liked to eat when I was young. When I was very young my Dad used to take me to Deep Pan Pizza. Deep Pan Pizza was a UK pizza chain and our local branch was in Pilsworth, it had an American Fire Engine inside. Later it became a Frankie and Bennys and now it’s empty. I don’t know what happen to the fire engine.

In my children’s menu days my order was the Miss Piggie… I know. I was a ham pizza. We’d also get cheesy garlic bread and I’d steel pickled onions from my Dad’s salad. Of course now the ham on my pizza is tempeh bacon, and the cheese is the swirly pizza cheese from Superfun Times. It’s even better.

Showstopper Desert: Vegan Mofo Day 26th

I’m not going to win the bake off. Let’s get this out of the way. I don’t have the skills, the delicate touch or the imagination. I’m not comfortable with pretty. At least I’m not good at it. But I can make something that tastes good.

So when I came to make desert at the end of vegan food and make up night I just went for yummy. Double chocolate chip cookies and vanilla Swedish Glacé made into an ice cream sandwich. Delicious, not necessarily show stopping in looks.

Repurposing food: Vegan Mofo day 14

I was musing on writing a serious response to this prompt but when I mentioned it to Kate she said ‘well what about Dirk?’

We’ve had Dirk, our guinea pig, for a little over a year now. We adopted him as an adult because he was difficult. He originally lived with his siblings but he fought them over food. He was tried in other combinations but the second you put a food dish down he goes crazy. He is great with people though so it was decided that he should be re-homed with people who would give him lots of attention.

Nibbling PSB stems

Dirk is a greedy pig but his favourite things are crunchy. He likes broccoli stems, kale stems, chard stems, apple peel, carrot tops. Basically anything that would normally get thrown away. We’re such pushovers that even the perfectly edible rainbow chard stems go into Dirks bowl because he adores them. We have to make sure he doesn’t eat too much and watch his intake of oxalates and sugar but he manages to repurpose most of our grub.

Just chilling